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Moscow MEDSHOW - Medical Tourism from Russia (Россия, International)

The Moscow MedShow is an effective professional B2C exhibition that will bring you into direct contact with your target audience - affluent Russians looking for Medical treatment abroad.
Who should participate?
- Specialised hospitals and clinics
- Medical evaluation and treatment centres
- Cosmetic surgeries
- Dental centres
- Global healthcare providers
- Spa & Health resorts
- Treatment/Rehabilitation centres
- Weight loss centres
- Medical Holiday package providers
- Alternative medical/lifestyle providers
Who will you meet at the Moscow MedShow?
- Upper middle class Russians with high disposable income
- All will be home/multi-home owners
- Highly placed executives or Company owners
- Specialised agency professionals looking for business contacts
The Moscow MedShow is organised by the aiGroup a specialised company with 11 years experience in organising highly targeted B2C exhibitions. Our highly effective principals are:-
- We use a convenient, central Moscow venue
- Venue ideally suited to a professional B2C exhibition
- We provide standard, pre-constructed fully inclusive stands
- We provide a high level of services to our participants to
ensure the maximum benefit
- We guarantee substantial numbers of high quality visitors

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