Moscow International
MICE Forum

MICE Forum 2013 statistics

The 9th Moscow International MICE Forum, Russia's most professional MICE Event.
18 March 2013 Moscow, Russia

Event name:Moscow International MICE Forum
Description:Russia's most professionally organised MICE event
Date:18 March 2013
Venue:Tishinka exhibition centre, Central Moscow
Organiser:aiGroup, Russia

106 participating companies from 60 countries including: Russia, Italy, Armenia, Ukraine, Turkey, Croatia, Spain, Georgia, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Cyprus, Norway, Germany, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Laos, Cambodia, Austria, Morocco, Montenegro, Viet Nam, United States, Sri Lanka, Estonia, Latvia, Iran, Greece, Slovenia, Lithuania, Poland, India, Thailand, United Kingdom, Jamaica, Hong Kong, Northern Cyprus, Costa Rica, Myanmar, China, Bulgaria, Bahamas, Malta, Kenya, France, Indonesia, Belgium, Belarus, Korea (South), South Africa, Moldova, Guatemala, Finland, Venezuela, Bahrain, Nepal, Bhutan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, USSR (former), Dominican Republic.

Exhibition area:
The MICE Forum covered a total floor space of 1,500 sq meters

This highly concentrated 1-day event attracted 1541 registered professional visitors including a increased number of Russian MICE specialists. The percentages of the visitor breakdowns are as follows:

MICE Specialists64%The percentages of the visitors
MICE Professionals14%
International Visitors7%
Corporate Buyers12%
Trade Visitors2%

The Moscow International MICE Forum is firmly established as the leading MICE event in the Russia and the CIS with Russian speaking professional visitors from: Russia - 94%; Ukraine - 2%, Kazakhstan - 1%, Belarus - 1%, Armenia - 1%, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Latvia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania - 2%.

International MICE visitors came from 48 countries. The most active international visitors were from Spain, Turkey, India, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, United Kingdom, United States, Cyprus, Israel, Switzerland, South Africa, France.

The Russian MICE sector continues to show substantial growth and is becoming more structured. A majority of the business is now controlled by the MICE departments of the large Tour Operators. However an increasing number of specialised Incentive and Events agencies are emerging using Western style promotions and attitudes. Small Russian agents still remain responsible for a significant percentage of the total business due to their on-going relationships with long standing clients.

Pre-scheduled appointments:
At total of about 568 pre-scheduled appointments were made.
Each participant had on average from 5 till 6 pre-scheduled meetings

Visitors classified by level of responsibilities
Final decision23%Level of responsibilities
Recommend final decision24%
Plan / Organise31%

Types of Events Organised
Conference / Meeting16%Types of Events Organised
International Conventions9%
Incentive Travel13%
Business Travel14%
Corporate Hospitality19%
Product Launch5%

Job Title Breakdown
CEO / Managing Director / Owner28%Job Title Breakdown
Senior Executive35%
Event Manager / Organiser23%

Number of events organised per year
1-1035%Number of events organised per year

Average attendance at events
01-2014%Average attendance at events

Annual Budget for Meetings & Incentives
Up to €.100,00031%Annual Budget for Meetings & Incentives
€.100,000 to €.250,00021%
€.250,000 to €.500,00020%
€.500,000 to €.1,000,00016%

Geographical destinations for International MICE events
Eastern Europe/CIS16%
Western Europe14%
United Kingdom9%
Middle East7%
Central/South America6%

The statistics gathered from the registered trade visitors to the Moscow MICE Forum provide a detailed cross section of the current state of the Russian MICE sector. Whilst many companies have experienced a downturn in the overall expenditure over the last years, there is a positive trend to indicate that Russian businesses are resuming high profile Incentive travel especially with large groups reported in Dominican Republic, Mexico, Netherlands, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, Egypt, Thailand and Singapore.

Annual budgets for MICE travel appear to be increasing as Russian businesses acknowledge the need for incentives in the new and highly competitive post crisis period.

Interviews conducted at the Moscow International MICE Forum indicated a positive attitude to the future will many buyers speaking to International suppliers with concrete requests.